Friday, April 21, 2017

you should go to brockenhurst,they've got the wild donkeys and horses in the street!

What a great piece of history to share,blasts from the past, the men to serve, for the rites of the poor, weak, young, and young at heart, the USA, thanks again. Thanks for service, thanks for share, cheers and chaps, to the military, veterans now, one frog in the air, back on track to see home. In your skin, always home, views of family, within yourself, in the center, me, myself, and the voices with in, over time, over should go to brockenhurst,they've got the wild donkeys and horses in the street!

To look in my eyes you see my struggles. To look in my mind you see my fears. But to look in my heart, you'd find my faith, my strength, my power...
Dicks, dawgs, dangs, donkeys to date, monkeys in pack, NY retards, frank and nuts, Franky Trees and his kids, rotten to the core. Veterans to watch out.Pages to write, cows to call, fuckers, suckers and retards from NY. Snakes in the grass, yellow and white, freaks, frogs, and donkeys in packs. Tips and tales, NY retards, will steal stuff and shit of yours, and say suck it up, for the crimes again a veteran back in 2015, before the trip to Italy, so the fat cow could stay in a truck. To poor for the lights to be turned on, stupid and dump, hard to fix.Frank Agresti: February 3 at 7:37am: see u soon... well have a surprise visit..... one you will never forget....


WHO LOOKS AFTER THE PONIES?....Agisters are employed by the Verderers, they watch over the forest to ensure that the owners of depastured stock, and others, meet the requirements of the Verderers in respect of stock welfare. They attend road accidents and other incidents involving Commoners' animals, they also deal with injured animals at the scene and humanely destroying animals if necessary. Agisters organise the construction and ongoing maintenance of stock pounds within their area, they arrange and manage the rounding up of ponies. When Agisters have collected marking fees from Commoners; they will clip the pony's tail to a set pattern to show proof of payment.

Angels in the air, angels to watch, angels to guide, angels with messages from the dead. Angels Calls, History Across The Lines, Rats Racers, Rainbow Readers:Birds In Flight. Earth Angels In Lights:Bitches 5 Stars, should go to brockenhurst,they've got the wild donkeys and horses in the street!Blue Hearts....Fun with Games....Good times, lessons learned, dances on the beach. Just a little sad, made a big mistake with my computer and lost it to fake friend. Lesson learned not needed to do again. Mad about it also. Kicking myself, $300 mistake, computer wasn't in my name, taken by someone else.Was told to forget about, not the end of the world, move on. Not the first time crook stole it. Mistakes on changes in behaviors, none done to correct wrongs, snakes under skin, seven snakes and tales to share. Photo Deciding to take the case to trial, I asked the court to hire representation; my request granted, the court appointed Kaye Scholer as my attorney-of-record. Trades Up:.the stars are talking to me tonight πŸ’« It's about that time!! TreatsEnergy πŸ‚ πŸ’¦:πŸŽƒ πŸŽƒπŸ΅ πŸ’ͺThe case was dismissed due to their neglect and incompetence. Never once did they schedule or attend a hearing, and never was one paper filed in the case by them except for their request for withdrawal. Pony 'drifts' or 'round ups' are held in the summer and autumn. Herding the animals together in a pound allows several jobs to be done at once with help at hand (such as tail clipping and veterinary checks). Any colts are taken off the forest before they can breed, as are ponies that are to be sold or kept on a holding through the winter.

The Verderers have confirmed that the New Forest Drifts are NOT a public event but release the dates to assist with event planning and so the public can avoid the area if walking etc.

The hearing on that request was not noticed, so I was precluded from rebuttal.In other words, they did no work, and then abandoned me and the case on-the-sly.I find them more disgusting than the should go to brockenhurst,they've got the wild donkeys and horses in the street!

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