Saturday, April 22, 2017

Birds To Sing...Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again. Beach Classes.....Dawn Lights:

Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep burning and unquenchable.Stopping to check out the wild donkeys in the badlands. They WILL try to get into the mini vans.

Lights and darkness, games after dark, lots of rules broken, not a home with the streets lights came on. Stuck in time, April 6, 1955, kid of 11 that year, lots of ways to show the lights. Hopes and wishes, dances in the pass, before my life begin, on one level. Hopes and wishes, tales in the pass, hopes to change the head games. Pages of lovers in the dark, pages of lover still boys, pages of lovers baby boomers, tales to share. Remember elephants, forget Ivory 🐘.Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile. 😍😩😍... Dance Goals:

Yellow tales, birds and bees, black and yellow, good fellows, trips to the waters, trips to the seas. 
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Cheers and chaps, daily birthdays to createb, happy birthday to you, Candy Girl, glad to see that you made it, Way to go, girl, how many candles this year, snake eyes, in the 3s, way to go. Stand tall, many more birthdays to come today.Housing Matters: Blues: Dreams I'm Wishing on a Star. MIRACLE - Birds To Sing. 😈 : -Veterans:Swim with mermaids💦Raining Frogs, Freaks, Fools, Fat Hogs, Cows To Call, Wales On The Beaches. Barry White - Practice What You Preach: Walks, Talks, Views, Lots Of Coins To Pay.Love, Lights, Luck, Lessons, Leaders, Green Signs, Arrows To Rites, Cons And Pros.

Sinners and saints, dances in the winds, birds and bees, singing songs, it was not that bad, trips to hell and back, bats out of hell. Good times, ways to grow, to take the good, with the bad, lots of tests over time, dances in the winds. Birds and bees, singing songs, dances on the clouds, dances with the rights, the lefts, in and out of time, moments to catch, pictures and stories, pages to write, love, luck, lights, lessons, leaders, stars to shine, ways to go, dreams in motions, birthdays and rebirths, daily events, dimes to drop.

Michael Baisden LiveCaptain Hook, Peter Pan, Caption Gilbert, in the yachts, on the ships ready to sail, seven seas, here we cum. Waves and rocks, under the surface, ships of dreams on the deep, blue seas, songs of the sharks, and songs of the mermaids, to dance on the waves, or the rock unseen, under the roll of the waves, rolling on the ocean. Thanks for a great day about the ground, ships passing in the nights. Joys and pains, bumps and rocks, waves to float, waves to rock, waves to dances on the seven seas, sailing the deep blue seven paths, seven days, seven ways to fly away. Turning pages, writing books, joys and pains, lessons learned, classes on love and hate, cases of snakes, and frogs, lessons in the dark, needed to be done.

Baisden Live Classic Qoute Tamu Martin: Plenty fish in the seas, lights to shine, chicks and babes, 5 Star bitches, birds and bees, sing songs, glory dazes to come. Wishes, dreams and hopes, lights to shine bright, flashes of colors, lights at the end of the road. 

Dances in li
ght and darkness, earth angels to flash, in and out of time, hands to hold over time. Lovers and haters, songs to sing, thanks and cheers, veterans with skills. Thanks so much for the time, and the space to guard the country. Cheers and chaps, hands to hands, chaps and cheers, veterans to save the day. Battles and wars won, for the good, USA, thanks again. 

Sweet Poem.One From The Heart.Thank You.For Any Battle Isn't Mine Yes YOU Got It. My FAITH IS IN JESUS.So Thank You For YOUR Support. And Words of Undertones. Are Loud and Clear. Live Learn Laugh & LOVE...All People Including All Whom Practice ( )I'm Working On It Daily. Smiles and Blessings . Again Thanks...


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Daniel Amos📺 Frank Agresti , 🍂 💦:🎃 🎃🍵 💪Adriana Agresti, Alex Agresti,Juliana Santiago. Tricks traders, dicks, dawgs, bitches in heat, monkeys in pack, monkeys to dodge.Frogs, Spiders, Snakes In Grass, Fullfrogs Songs, NY Retards, Basket Cases, Redneck Out In Cali.

Bones in the end, fingers to the head, hands to talk, views and noses, hits and misses, dead in the end, bones to boxes, at the end of dazes.American Birds. Turkeys with...tricks, trades, brains lost in the winds. Long time ago, donkey date, back in time, pages to turn. Frank Agresti. Fingers in the air, sit and spin, American Birds. Turkeys without wings to fly. Tips and tales, chicks and babes, veterans to take on a run, nuts to dodge, trees to roots, family affairs, cows, hippos, and wales on land. Games online, out of my world, not my way to kill time,

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  1. Words to live and grow with are " What can be brighter than the stars", family motto from 16 century, and the crest is a blue background with 9 stars, and have receive confirmation of the signs, that everything I would like to do is just around the corner, my beliefs over the years and space. Want to let you know out of the gate, that school is where I am going, just need a stable place to live and grow today.