Saturday, April 22, 2017

More Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild. Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again. Beach Classes..

Time outs, march madness, god of war, Roman style. Pens to write, pen pals to share. Hate and love, land whales, cows, buffalo: the colors to change your hair to. Houses, Homes, Heat, Veterans Homeless Blues:Resources:Blue Oceans 2 Create:  Time outs, march madness.

Robert HuertaBorn on November 23, 1955....Windows, Doors, Open Wide, Ships To Sail, Boats To Float, Cowboy Games. Sending lots of love your way . The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience." ― Eleanor Roosevelt . To do list •Play with fairies •Grow Angels wings •Braid the hair of mermaid •Fly to the Moon.Guys Reasons why you should get dewormed regularly please RT and save a life TARKAA, Moses Kator

Before you judge my life, my past or my character, walk in my shoes, walk the path I have traveled, live my sorrows, my doubts, my fear, my pain and my laughter. Remember everyone has a story, when you have lived my life then you can judge me, until then silence is your best weapon.

 Birds To Sing...Tons of asses in the IE....Holding Out For A Hero: Pink Floyd - The Wall: The Shadows, blue dreams, lights on again, horses to races.Views Of The Water, Boats To Float, Waves To Beaches,Sons To Knights...Just the matter of age to cover, baby boomer, retired part of life to enjoy, thanks for the reply, lots of ideas about what to do next, dating would be nice, trips to the beach, the mountains, the national parks, the lighthouses, just a few things to start, things to build together. Love, luck, lights, lessons, tests over time, Cali Chick, babe, sinner or saint, hard to say, stats to share, questions between us now...😹😹😹"whatever" I mean fuck you.☊Think you can't do it? Try looking at it a different way. ..LETS MEET

    Photo published for The Wild Donkeys of the Inland Empire

    Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again.  Beach Classes.....Dawn Lights:

    In Cali for how long, going back to TX, when, house to live in there,  hares lost in the woods, hairs lost on the top of your head, horse and pony show, all week long, off on the weekends only. Where in Texas, finish high school in Coleman, TX, many decades ago, have family there also. 420 friendly 2. Live in Riverside, want to sail out of Newport, Sunset Sailors the name of the group. Checking it out now. How many horses under the hood, in the car that you drive, read, white, or black color of the ride that you have.  More  Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild. Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again.  Beach Classes..

    Plans for the weekend? I like the donkeys, searching for a horse in the hills, so the jackasses can visit, corner house with a pool, for here. Would love to find a house on the beach, search Orange and Riverside counties now, have to find one by next month. Have lots of things to do before my lease is up here, at the house that I rent. Love the house, with the yard, with little grass, nothing to cut, have to pull the weeds, when I feel like it of course.  More  Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild. Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again.  Beach Classes..

    No codes to read, plain English, three ways, in the present, in the past, and in the present, gifts to share, with the young at heart. Love to write, fairy tales, out of the bible, is how I see life, live and grow, live and expand, never stand still, rites to change, views of the birds and bees. Dances on cloud nine, chicks with nine lives, cool cats, cartoon hits, men and mice, horse and pony shows, dances for the rights to mate. Lovers and haters, hats and horns, sons to shine, knights and kings on the land.  More  Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild. Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again.  Beach Classes..

    Why are you here renting a room, how long are you staying, 420 friendly, questions left in the air, hares lost in woods, hairs on head, colors have changed, or a bald head, left after 5 decades of life... More  Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild. Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again.  Beach Classes..

     More  Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild. Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again.  Beach Classes..

    Winds to blow, sons to shine, rats to races, bumps, roads, blue skies. Nice to
    know, lots of things to share or not, how tall, located where, retired, how tallquestions, retired from the rat races for bucks, balls in the air,  hats and horns, birds and bees, singing songs, glory dazes to come:  mountains topsup in the air, have to start at square one.... More  Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild. Sons, Rites To Mate. Knights Alone Again.  Beach Classes..
    Donkeys have been known to go feral in the wild.

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    1. Words to live and grow with are " What can be brighter than the stars", family motto from 16 century, and the crest is a blue background with 9 stars, and have receive confirmation of the signs, that everything I would like to do is just around the corner, my beliefs over the years and space. Want to let you know out of the gate, that school is where I am going, just need a stable place to live and grow today.

      For the love of the a man is what this is about, and how much do you take in the line of devotion, and how can you turn off the lies, that grew because of a lack of understanding. This is another story about the Jewish Prince of Frogs, and how he got placed in that position, and the views that were not shared by the other members of the family, and it is a matter of getting the word out there. So is it done to bring joy and pleasures not, it is done to knock out pies in the sky. It is acceptable to so many, and it is okay because you skin covers red blood, and it will react the same when cut. There are so many ways to look at it, but it is a matter of saving face for a lot of them. The others just know how to push the buttons.

      Here we go again, the short hairs are pulled, and the family is forgotten, that family that was there for the bad times, and the times that changed, and the times when it was a matter of wishing for a better life, and then you forget what it was like, during the travels that you had to do alone. It was a matter of what the reward was, how can any thing be worth the trip, if the cash has to go to a cow that became a buffalo? It was a matter of a minor in place, and now that is not the case, it is about the joy and pleasure that delighted the creation of the loins, and it is to be shared by all, because that is the state of perfection.

      Still in the dark. Sheri Jarrot 7603601613. The whale, big mouth bitch, fat as a cow with a calf in the oven. Bottle Blonde Bimbo, bad hair queer and cattle caller, always putting here nose in family members affairs. Always dodged this super-sized wide ass jackass, mouth is too big for most of us. Hate the views, and the twisted and bend levels of truth and honesty with her, have her views to share. Fake friend, whale to date, base ball hat hairdresser to talk dung all day long, her make-up, and a one butch state of affairs.